Birth Injury FAQs

Information from Our Phoenix Birth Injury Lawyers

Few events are as traumatic for a family as an injury that occurs to their baby at birth. During this tragic time, you may be scared for your child’s future, confused about what went wrong, or angry at the responsible parties. Our birth injury lawyers have more than 20 years of experience handling these types of claims. We use our medical knowledge to protect your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions: Birth Injury

What are some common cases of birth trauma and injury?

A variety of medical mistakes can lead to birth injury. Some of the most common errors include improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors, delay in ordering a cesarean section, failure to respond when fetal heart monitors suggest danger, and mismanagement of high-risk pregnancies. At our firm, the birth injury lawyers have extensive medical and legal training. They can investigate your case and help determine if negligence is responsible for your child’s birth injury.

After birth, what symptoms or behaviors may indicate a birth injury?

Immediately after birth, swelling, bruising, or lumps on the baby’s head may indicate birth injury. Seizures can also serve as a warning that a medical error may have occurred. Over the next several months, abnormal movements, muscle tremors, lack of facial expressions, or significant developmental delays may also indicate birth injury. Babies with these and other symptoms may be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hypoxic brain injury, brachial plexus injury, or other birth defects.

Is it possible that doctors and hospitals were not forthcoming about my child’s injuries?

Yes, very possible. Since birth injuries are commonly caused by medical malpractice, such as poor delivery procedure or failure to recognize certain warning signs during delivery, hospitals and doctors may try to cover up, falsify, or outright destroy records relating to the incident. The injury may not be immediately apparent, and it may take months before parents discover something wrong. Our team of birth injury lawyers has experience handling cases where important information has been covered up by medical officials. We can investigate your case and help you protect your rights.

What should I do if I suspect my child has suffered a birth injury?

Call us or another law firm with experience handling birth injury cases. We can help obtain the records and review them for medical negligence. We may be able to suggest medical specialists who can evaluate and treat your child. Get additional opinions from other health care professionals if necessary. Also, contact experienced birth injury lawyers as soon as possible. The time deadlines and laws that apply to birth injury cases can be complicated, and if your claim is not filed correctly and on time, you may lose your chance to obtain compensation for your child’s injuries. The birth injury lawyers at Cullan & Cullan can review your case and help you protect your rights. With training in medicine, human anatomy, and nursing, our lawyers have the knowledge necessary to investigate and prepare your case.

Contact Cullan & Cullan today to speak with our birth injury lawyers. We understand how confusing and distressing this time can be, and we will fight to protect your family’s interests. Our advanced medical training and extensive experience make us uniquely qualified to build a strong, thorough case and to aggressively litigate your claim.