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Catastrophic injuries permanently impact victims’ lives. Often, they cannot perform gainful work and must rely on others to survive. They must undergo expensive and painful medical procedures, physical rehabilitation, and therapy for the rest of their lives. These injuries put a serious strain on a victim’s family, who must watch their loved one suffer while providing constant supervision and assistance. Victims of catastrophic injuries deserve the best legal representation they can get in Arizona. They deserve Cullan & Cullan.

Cases We Represent

Many types of accidents result in catastrophic injury. Our firm has handled cases ranging from truck accidents to birth injuries, winning record-setting verdicts for our clients. The level of medical and legal expertise we bring to each case gives us an edge above other attorneys and enables us to negotiate higher settlements for catastrophic injury claims. Areas in which we practice include:

  • Birth injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Car accidents
  • Brain injury
  • Dangerous products
  • Aviation accidents
  • Nursing home injuries
  • Pharmaceutical litigation
  • Police misconduct
  • Wrongful death

If you sustained a catastrophic personal injury in any type of accident, we want to hear from you. When you need honest and aggressive representation against large corporations, insurance companies, or negligent parties, we are the attorneys you need by your side.

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A Positive Solution

When the unexpected happens, leaving you or a loved one with a life-altering injury, know that there is a positive solution within reach. A terrible accident can turn your life around, but our personal injury attorneys can help you get back a little of what you lost. Our family law team dedicates time and energy to providing strong legal representation for people facing a lifetime of injury repercussions. We know financial compensation will not take back what happened, but it can go a long way toward helping you heal and recover.

Cullan and Cullan has handled hundreds of cases throughout Arizona, California, and Nebraska. Since its foundation in 1990, our family law firm has had unparalleled success in and out of the courtroom. With dozens of multi-million dollar settlements under our belts, including the largest verdict for a trucking collision in Nebraska history ($19.6 million), we have the experience you need to obtain the settlement your catastrophic injuries deserve.

Why choose our law firm?

When an individual has suffered a serious injury, the physical, emotional, and financial consequences are devastating. Dealing with a serious injury or death in and of itself is traumatic. Dealing with the financial repercussions of a serious injury or wrongful death can be overwhelming. At the Law Offices of Cullan and Cullan in Phoenix, Arizona, our personal injury medical malpractice lawyers’ mission is two-fold.

setting verdicts

We can help you obtain the settlement that you need in order to obtain vital medical and nursing care, surgeries, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as handicapped accessible homes or automobiles. If you have lost the ability to work, our goal is to help you secure the monetary resources that will replace that income or give you an opportunity to obtain additional education or retraining to restore your earning power.

We represent, and fight for, individuals who have been wrongfully injured.

Our first, and most important mission is to help you and your family. Our second goal is to determine how and why an accident or injury happened so that we can expose the negligence and do our best to prevent needless tragedy from happening to other families.

Award-Winning Personal Injury Lawyers in Arizona

When it comes to proving negligence in and out of the courtroom, we spare no expense. We will conduct a full investigation into your accident, taking photos of the scene, interviewing eyewitnesses, and gathering vital information. Our team will speak to your doctor and analyze your medical history. We have the resources to recreate your injury in front of a jury so they can see exactly how the accident happened and who was responsible.

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With our dynamic combination of medical and legal proficiency, we give our clients the best chance against negligent defendants. Cullan & Cullan offers unprecedented experience and loyalty to clients. With our dedication to the craft and family values, a strong work ethic, and a genuine understanding of the legal and medical fields, we offer exceptional representation in any personal injury case. Contact one of our compassionate attorneys today for a free case evaluation, and discover how our family can help yours through this trying time.

Client Testimonials


The attorneys at Cullan & Cullan assist victims and their families after serious accidents causing catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death. Our experienced medical-legal team includes doctors who have training in medicine, human anatomy, nursing, engineering, and accident reconstruction. We are dedicated to providing honest, diligent legal representation and can help you understand your legal rights. Our mission is two-fold: to protect victims and to prevent injury to others.

To help you understand and protect your rights, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions on the following legal topics:

Our legal team includes lawyers who also have degrees in medicine, anatomy, and engineering.